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Assistant Moderators

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Senior Moderators

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Chief Moderators

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Chat Team

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What do the different moderator ranks mean?

Assistant Moderator

Assistant Moderators are our newest recruits. They are here to learn the ropes and assist the main moderator ranks.
Their primary role is to welcome chatters on the chat, encourage conversation and assist those with questions or those who need help.


Moderators are mid range in the moderator ranks and take an active role in leading the lower ranked moderators.
Their primary task is to chat, welcome users and provide assistance. They will deal with inappropriate behaviour or chatters breaking the rules.

Senior Moderator

Senior Moderators have been moderators for a significant length of time and have a lot of experience. They are a Senior Moderator because they can deal with pretty much everything, and answer almost every question.

Their primary task is to assist chatters who may need help, and deal with those who cannot abide by the rules or the terms and conditions. They also spend a lot of time training and guiding their lower ranked colleagues, and ensuring the chat is a clean place to use by moderating and monitoring all content uploaded to the chat. They are able to ensure that persistent rule breakers are barred from the chat.

Chief Moderator

Chief Moderators are in charge of the daily running of the chat. They are here to lead, train and guide the moderators, as well as communicating changes, news and other information to all users of the chat.

They make the overall decisions about rules, procedures for moderators and will recruit new moderators to the team. Chief Moderators are the link between the moderator team and the Chat Team.