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Content Starts Lycos vs ComeChat

We’re not afraid to say that Lycos Chat is one of the biggest UK chats out there. The Chat has sailed in UK waters for the past 20 years, however for the past six months it’s been on rather choppy waters.

The owners of the chat made a plea for chatters to purchase additional extras as they were struggling to keep the chat afloat, at the time only giving it 11 days before dropping anchor one last time. At the same time there was a rather dramatic overhaul of the leading moderating team.

All of this combined, along with numerous other factors led to me creating ComeChat. Now creating a new chat site in 2020 where chatter numbers are dwindling is a rather brave (or stupid) move I hear you say! I certainly agree with the latter, but chat rooms have been around since I first dialled into the web in the late 90’s, so want to help keep that magic alive!

Below I have listed a few ways in which we vary from Lycos Chat. It’s still only early days for ComeChat, so expect us to improve over time with lots more features.